Empowering Innovation Through Collaboration

Wiggidi reimagines the digital agency model, merging the minds of ex-founders and entrepreneurs into a singular, innovative force. We bypass traditional agency constraints, directly connecting you with unparalleled expertise.

Where expertise meets creativity –
wiggidi is redefining digital services with a network of visionary entrepreneurs.


Tailored Expertise

Wiggidi specializes in hands-on work and consultancy across digital disciplines, including business development, e-commerce, WordPress solutions, SEO analysis, graphic design, prototyping and more. Our network approach delivers tailored, actionable expertise for each project.


The Essence of wiggidi

In a world inundated with digital solutions, wiggidi stands apart. Our network is our strength, comprising individuals who've not only envisioned but executed transformative digital experiences. Here, collaboration is the currency, innovation the outcome.


AI Technology

Technology, especially AI, is a tool, not a barrier. At wiggidi, we demystify the latest advancements, making them accessible and actionable. We believe in leveraging AI not for the sake of trend but for the tangible benefits it offers to our clients' projects.


Insights & Innovations

Our journey is marked by constant learning and adaptation. From website support to crafting digital strategies, we integrate insights with innovation. Wiggidi is a testament to the power of collective expertise, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital realm.

How We Stand Apart

Wiggidi is more than a digital agency or a  collective; it’s a new way of thinking about digital services. Without the overhead of traditional agencies, we offer direct access to seasoned professionals. Our approach is personal, our solutions bespoke, our expertise unmatched.

The Minds Behind

Wiggidi is a testament to collaboration, formally directed by Thomas Friese, but conceived and nurtured by both Thomas and Tobias Jörk. It’s more than a company; it’s a shared journey. As the faces behind Wiggidi, we ensure a direct line to us and our network, activating the right expertise for your projects at the right time.

Thomas Friese

Digital Marketing Expert, Graphic Designer & AI Manager

Tobias Jörk

Business Angel, Analyst & Finance Expert

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